Friday, May 17, 2013

Next Best Activity, Cross-sell and Upsell in

I would be remiss if I didn't at least occasionally mention some of the stuff I'm doing now at KXEN, particularly since much of it is very much complementary to's current offering.

First: for those who want to hear the werewolf's dulcet tones live, I'll be doing a webinar on this topic on May 29, 2013 -- register here.

Before I came to KXEN, I was in the call center world for over five years, and one of the most common things I heard is that the people who run those call centers want to be able to make effective offers to prospects (in telesales call centers), and upsell and cross-sell their existing customers (primarily in customer service call centers).

Until recently, the only real option for delivering these types of offers in in the call center was to build a custom offer system.  Many users do just that, using Visualforce, Apex and a rudimentary set of rules, and it can be quite painful.

We have recently released Predictive Offers to solve this problem.  Predictive Offers is a self-learning offer system, meaning that rather than making you code up a bunch of rules to decide what to offer to whom, it learns from your prospects' and customers' history and applies what it has learned to make a decision as to the best offer to make.  On top of that, Predictive Offers still allows you to apply certain rules to "clarify" its decisions.  For instance, some companies may want to apply an "already has" rule -- a printer company might offer you a toner cartridge even if they've sold you one in the past, but your cable company shouldn't offer you HBO if you already have HBO!  Predictive Offers supports that type of logic.  It's, so it works right inside, and it's specifically made to be as easy to administer as itself.  It works with both the Sales Cloud (in the standard interface) and the Service Cloud (in the Service Cloud Console).

Check it out at the embedded YouTube video here, or even better, give it a spin with a free trial from our Predictive Offers AppExchange page.

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